Hoodoo Basics

What is hoodoo?
Hoodoo, simply put, is the practice of casting spells and creating pouches or talismans to create a positive impact in ones own life. They can be used for revenge too, but it is adviced against to use hoodoo for evil. It is especially advised against to use hoodoo for bad against someone else with hoodoo power, since you ‘draw from the same well’ and practice the same thing. Don’t confuse hoodoo with voodoo, you can check out the difference here.

There are various types of spells that are used in hoodoo. While most spells are adjacent to brewing witch’s brew, there are some that include chanting and Bible verses. This is due to the influence of hoodoo from European religions and early Christianity. There are various different herbs and elements used, oftentimes associated with different planets for different powers. Gemstones are also very common, including rubies or diamonds to attract their energies to the spell. For more on the herbs used and the powers associated with them, check out my homepage.


Tia Dalma’s talisman from Pirates of the Caribbean

Talismans and mojo  
Talismans and pouches are also common in hoodoo. Mojo are technically an African- American amulet, usually made of flannel, that contains a spell. To make the mojo as powerful as it can be, there must be a specific ritual performed to bring it to life. A talisman is generally used to ward off evil, instead of for creating good like mojo is. Any amulet must be ‘charged’- using a spell or ritual, or even a feeding, as you can read about on my homepage under Love Potions.

Does hoodoo work?
I am not at all attempting to be an all-knowing source on this one. I promise you that I have never *Actually* practiced hoodoo. I have enjoyed researching it for a project, but have not tried it.
There are many people who will claim that hoodoo definitely works, without a shadow of a  doubt, as long as you believe in it and commit to the spells you are casting.
Others believe that it is wrong and that even attempting to commit hoodoo will result in a definite place in Hell for eternity. I’m not sure their stance on if it works or not- they just think that it’s wrong.

After reading many trials and testimonials from both sides, I’m going to give my personal opinion. This is not scientific, and this is not meant to offend either side of the argument. You will see this echoed in many other parts of this blog, and I ask that you remember this when you read it.
I chalk it up to being much like prayer. People who pray may insist that it does or doesn’t work. They’ll also say that it only works if you believe, or if God wants to give whatever you’re praying for to you. (I’m using this as an example since I was raised Christian). But if the Big Man Upstairs has other plans for you, then he will withhold whatever you asked for and instead give you what He has in store. No amount of prayer will change His plans for you, but people will often cholk up not getting what they pray for, to God having some other plan and waiting for that plan.
This can be like hoodoo, where you can perform whatever spell you like as often as you wish, but if fate has larger plans in store for you, then you must submit and wait for those.

Free will is in there somewhere, too. It just depends on what you believe.


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